Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this entrepreneurial journey has been in the making for 365 days.  We can vividly remember the day this idea came into existence.  Just two best friends stuck in traffic, talking about our classrooms, lessons, and activities.  It originally started as a hypothetical joke…” hahaha we should totally start our own Teachers Pay Teachers store…” however, another hour and a half into our ride, that joke turned into a serious brainstorm session.  Ideas kept popping up…one after another.  By the time we made it to our friend’s house in Connecticut, we had a notebook full of dazzling ideas.
From that moment, we decided to get straight to work.  To be honest, I think we both thought this was going to be a fun, creative and easy journey.  Fun and creative it was…but easy…HA.  We quickly learned that EASY was not the case.  The list of things we needed to learn, and guidelines we needed to follow kept popping up at every corner.  We also realized that we were now having to think of ideas, lessons and common core related materials that would be effective and easily adjusted to a multitude of different environments, not just our own like we were use to.

Thrills and Frills in First has become a part of our everyday lives. Most days are filled with educating all day, and creating blog post and products all night.  To be honest, there are even times when we are so engrossed in our tpt and blogging sights that we forget to get dinner on the table… All we can do is shake our heads when our husbands ask… “hey babe..where’s dinner?”.  Oops it happened again.  Or times when we are out to dinner with all of our friends and the two of us end up in a Thrills and Frills conversation, soon to realize our friends waiting for us to table our business conversation for another time LOL.  Luckily we have supporting husbands and friends that realize our passion and creativity for what we do.

We wanted to share our excitement and enthusiasm as we reach our one-year mark.  We are having a 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Celebration.  We have fellow educators and product creators who have donated materials for this fabulous giveaways. 

The first giveaway is for K-2 products including:

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