Arrrrgghhh you ready for some spelling?

AAAARRRGHHH.. Can you guess what phonics skill we covered this week?? 
The controlled -r (ar) pattern is my ALL TIME FAVORITE phonics skill.  I go all out with my firsties and we become pirates for the entire week.  I found some cute pirate decorations from Hobby Lobby to give our room the pirate feel..
  This week we also read a TON of pirate books, some of my favorite are below.

We started our unit by reading reading Babbling Abby's Pirate Mark story from her Pirate Unit.  Students wrote down all the-ar words from the story. 
Throughout the week students had to find -ar words throughout the building.
  Once the pirate map was filled we went on a treasure hunt throughout our building.
The Clues are from our Pirate Center Unit.

 Here is a screen shot from our Instagram with more pics. (If you don't follow us on Instagram yet our name is ThrillsandFrillsinFirst, we post more there than we do on our blog )  When the students found the last clue a treasure of pirate erasers and pirate notebooks was waiting for them.  In the past, I have put pirate pencils, pirate tattoos, and stARbursts in the treasure chest.

 All our centers for the week all focused around our pirate theme.
Students had to Read the Room with their Pirate Masks. The cute masks were from Party City. 
Like every good pirate they had to hunt and search the picture for the hidden -ar words. 
For our Grammar center students had to read -ar words and decide whether they are a verb, noun or adjective.  (Pirate bags are from Target.  Sorting mats are included in the unit) 
In our Writing Center students had to edit Pirate sentences.

To purchase our Pirate Center Unit click the picture below.


In my opinion there is nothing better than watching my firsties become sentence writing masters.  That being said… it is one of the hardest tasks for a first grade teacher.  I mean where do you start?  Punctuations? Adjectives? CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!! The list goes on and on.  In previous years, no matter how much I focused on one of these topics, June would come around and there was always a handful of students who still FOGOT A CAPITAL… My worst nightmare!  

I started using SUPERHERO SENTENCE WRITING unit with my students during our writing block.  They loved the SuperHero concept and for some reason it just stuck with them.  From proper spacing techniques, to writing big detailed sentences, my kiddies were picking up on it all!

Spacing Sue Stick

Editing Activites - Whole Group & Independent Practice

Super Punctuation Practice - Kids love figuring out which Super Hero they should choose for each sentence. (The Question Queen, Exclamation Eddie or Period Paul)
Here Detail Dan reminds the students to add details into their sentence writing.  These practice pages takes students through 3 steps of how they can make a juicy sentence by adding in details.  THIS WORKS WONDERS!

 Check out our Superhero Sentence Writing Unit for more super helpful activities to turn your students into writing heroes!

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