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I don't know about you…but I can't focus or teach on an empty stomach… I'm just not myself! My ideal situation would be to have a Tapas bar providing continual snacking opportunities.  Since that is obviously not a realistic possibility, I'll have to continue to pack my lunch box with mini snacks throughout the day.  When it comes to food, my BF Lauren can be a little picky.  Me on the other hand, I'll eat just about anything…however...I need to have options and variety, which is probably why I never pack the same snacks back to back.  One of my favorite companies is GRAZE.COM

For like 5-6 bucks a week you get a variety of 100 calorie snacks.  It's perfect to keep your energy boosted throughout the day!

- How I feel on an empty stomach!-

Speaking of food…...One of my faaavvv beginning of the year activities is student "Book Tasting"! In the same way that I like variety when it comes to my snacking…my students love to be introduced to different genres though a book tasting activity.  This is a great activity for helping your students to investigate and explore different types of books on their own.  The "Book Tasting" menu helps guide your students through the exploration, leaving you availabe to observe and facilitate.  The "Book Tasting" also allows for students discussions.  Check out our TPT store to pick up this T.A.S.T.Y. freebie today!


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