Leprechaun Madness

Unfortunately I am NOT Irish, but throughout the month of March I like to think I am.  Having the Leprechaun visit my classroom is my ALL TIME favorite activity... It is a month of Leprechaun Madness
 Now, we have all heard of the Leprechaun visiting on St Patrick's day and causing havoc in everyone's classroom...but for some reason, the Leprechaun always seems to visit us a few weeks earlier..

As we all know Leprechauns are extra sneaky, and the same goes for the little guy that always visits my room. About two weeks before St. Patrick's day he begins taking away green items from the room that are not too noticeable.  For example; missing numbers from the calendar, a green basket, a pair of green scissors, etc.  As each day passes more green items from the room seem to disappear.  When students begin to realize that they are missing items, many will start making inferences that the Leprechaun is taking them.  The students ALWAYS freak out... ESPECIALLY when they find a letter from the leprechaun himself.  Student then fill out the "WHERE"S MY STUFF" activity. 
The Leprechaun also tends to be VERY tricky and sneaky.  Besides just taking our green items, he also is constantly doing things in our room while we aren't in there... he has played puzzles, ate breakfast,  left his mini basketball behind etc.  The Leprechaun always leaves his evidence EVERYWHERE.  
Since his evidence is all over the room, we make a variety of inferences based on what he left behind.  We write everything in our Evidence Case File notebook.
The students LOVE being detectives with their evidence case file, using their magnifying glasses and wearing detective badges.  
On St. Patrick's Day the Leprechaun comes one last time and causes a mess in our room... but this time we are all happy because he has returned all of our missing green items.  YAAY!
The Leprechaun also leaves us a note which leads us on a Scavenger Hunt throughout the school.  At the end of the hunt we find his pot of gold which is always filled with goodies for my Firsties.

All of these activities and MORE are included in our Leprechaun Madness Unit.  Click HERE to check it out.  It is on sale until tomorrow.  


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