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Just like my other half, I have been working hard helping my firsties become great writers.  When I think of writing this first thing that comes to mind is  ....EX-HAUS-TING ... but, I have learned if you fight through it the results are always rewarding.  In writers workshop we are continuing to strengthen our personal narratives by writing strong leads or HOOKS, in addition to focusing on a small moment.
The past week, we have been reading a bunch of Patrica Polacco books.  She is my absolute favorite author to use for mentor texts while teaching personal narratives. Below are some of my faves..
After reading each story we focused on the small moment and filled out the chart below. (side note: I laminate all my anchor charts so I can re-use them year to year)
Once they really grasped the concept, we began discussing small moments from our favorite vacations.  I had my students close their eyes and listen to my personal narrative.  We discussed the lead and how I hooked my reader.  At this point in the year my students know three leads; onomatopoeias, questions and snapshots. 
Following this, students had to use all of their senses to brainstorm describing words for their small moment.  I had them bring in a picture from their vacation, I loved this idea, it really seemed to help with their brainstorming.
The following day, each group received a brown bag filled with 3 fish.  On the back of each fish was an opening sentence, the groups had to work together to choose the best hook. 
The cute little fish are from First Grade WOW... click here to get them.
Click here to get the Brain Storming Paper and the Hooks to put on the fish.

and LASTLY, below is the booklet I use to help my students write their rough draft.  By making it a booklet, I feel it's easier for them to understand each concept in isolation without overwhelming them. 
To get our pre-writing paper click HERE


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