We Are Back!

Sorry, we have been missing for a while.  Between school and the holidays we have been super busy. We figured we would take this time to introduce ourselves! We've been blogging for about 2 months now, but have never really told you who we are, or how this little journey began.  Well, my friends... here is our story...

This is us...
Dana & Lauren... Dana's the brunette and Lauren's the blonde

This inevitable connection started 12 years ago at the University of Rhode Island.  You know that quote, “Every brunette needs a blond best friend”, well that’s us!  We are the peanut butter to each other’s jelly, the macaroni to each other’s cheese and of course the thrill to the others frills.   
We are…Jersey’s Firsties…best friends, sidekicks, sisters, and teachers of 1st grade! 
We both have a strong passion for education, and as fate would have it, both became 1st grade teacher in NJ (Dana's originally from NY).  No matter where we are, our conversations always lead to stories only teachers would have, and understand. 
To be honest, this whole idea really started in a car ride up to Connecticut to visit one of our besties.  The traffic was unbearable, yet the foliage was glorious LOL. (but seriously, Lauren wouldn't stop commenting on it)  Regardless of where we are, Jersey, NYC, CT or our favorite vacation spot MIAMI,  our conversations naturally circulate around our silly students, hunky husband, or our fabulous friends.  On that car ride, we were discussing our newest creative crafts that we were working on in our classrooms, some new and exciting purchases that we made on teacher-pay-teachers, and joking about how we should totally get online and share our ideas... when suddenly there was a shift in the universe, haha…
I think it was a combination of the car horns blarring, the brakes slamming, and the horrendous traffic, but there is was… the adverbial light bulb over both our heads…. It was at that moment when we turned to each other in slow motion and shouted in the words of Rob Schnieder “YOU CAN DO IT!”… and that my friends is where this all began. Our little sprout has flourished into our blog, our Instagram obsession and our TPT store.  
  We are so excited to begin this new journey in our lives and can’t wait to share it with all of you! 
We hope you enjoy our materials, humor, and discussions!

Cheers! Lauren and Dana

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Girls,

    Welcome to blogging :) I started my blog this summer and it has been a lot of fun! I must say, I'm awfully jealous that you get to blog, create, and teach 1st grade together... if only my bestie was a teacher, too!

    Looking forward to following your blog and reading about your teaching adventures!

    Seconds at the Beach


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