Tis' The Season

This week has been exhausting... When I woke up on Tuesday and looked outside, this was my reaction.. 

Why? you may ask... well because it was SNOWING and we HAD school...WORST.FEELING.IN. THE.WORLD ...After being in school for an hour I took a picture outside my classroom window.. Yes, it is beautiful and all, but I would of much rather of been on the couch, eating cereal in my PJs....
Anyways..  can you believe Christmas is only 12 days away?!?!? This week we have been busy finishing up our persuasive letters to Santa, which is part of our Winter Writing Unit.  I was so impressed with how well they turned out.  

We also just happen to stumble across a newspaper classified ad from Mr. Chris Kringle himself, (weekly paper and a little photoshop does the trick).  Apparently, he is in need of elves and had an online application.  My students nearly died when they heard that they could apply to be an elf.  They took the application VERY seriously.  (This is NOT my original idea, I am not sure who it originally came from, but I had to alter it a bit to fit my needs) Below is the Elf application Freebie 

Click HERE to get this freebie

Recently, I've seen a bunch of posts about presents for students, and it reminded me to share with all of you what my students give as presents to their parents.  I have been doing this since I taught preschool 7 years ago.  The parents absolutely love it.  I first hot glue 5 popsicle sticks together, and two on the sides.  Once the glue cools, I have the students paint it brown.  The following day I take a picture of each student, in full winter gear, sitting with their legs straight in front of them and their hands in the air.  Following this, I, not the students, carefully cut it out and glue it onto the sleigh.  Some years I hang a little ribbon from it so it could be an ornament.  I get a huge kick out of how they turn out every year.  
Below is a sample from 2010. 

We have been working on our In-School Snow Day Unit and just finished. We are so excited to tell you all about it, but first we will need to get through Christmas =)
If you want to browse though the In-School Snow Day Unit click HERE

Next week we have another fun-filled week. Grinch Day and our holiday breakfast.  Making pancakes in the classroom = GOOD TIMES! 

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  1. Looks like you are making school fun until the break! I LOVE your parent gift! How cute!! Thanks for sharing that idea!!


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