Calendar Math Freebie

Do you do Calendar Math? If not, I highly suggest it.  It is an easy way to incorporate key standards that my students need to master in First Grade.  My students practice skip counting, time, odd/even numbers, greater than/less than, place value, and tally marks.  In the beginning of the year, like most activities, it is time consuming, but as the year progresses the students complete it with ease.

This is my Calendar Math area.   It was an old chalkboard that I covered with chevron contact paper from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

I always have two Calendar Helpers, one will call on students to answer questions, while the other student writes the answers on the SmartBoard.  The rest of the class completes the daily worksheet at their seats.  

In the past, I had my students keep their Calendar Math packet for the year in their desk, but you know First Graders and eventually their packets began to fall apart.  This year I made a weekly packet for my students to use.  

To get your Calendar Math Freebie click HERE or the picture below...

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  1. Cute! I'd created something very similar! My kids love this too!


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