That Sneaky Little Elf

This week we got a special package straight from the NORTH POLE! My students were beyond excited when they saw this box sitting in our classroom.  
Together we opened it and out popped our new friend.  To be honest this guy is a tad scary, something about those eyes freak me out!

  Once we calmed down from our sheer excitement we had to name this little guy.  Since we are a democratic school society, we said the best way to name him would be to take a vote.  Children were allowed to make up names and then we voted on which one we liked best.  Majority ruled, so our new sneaky guy is named JINGLES...which I am very happy with, because honestly if the elf was named Patrick or Steve I would feel a little cheated. 

Well, he may seem innocent, but this little guy has been causing CHAOS in my classroom, I told my class that I may have to send him back to the North Pole if he keeps it up. =) Below are some of the ways we found him.....
Using out garland as a swing
Stealing from our treasure chest 
Sitting in one of our desks and wrote us a little note

My students have been trying their hardest to impress this little guy, so he will give Santa a good report.  

Since we were on the topic of Santa, we began our letters to the big guy today.  To begin this activity I read " My Pen Pal, Santa" to the class.  The book is about a little girl named Ava who writes a letter a month to Santa.  Following this, together we brainstormed what we want for Christmas, and each student thought of different reasons why they deserved the present.

  This one student said shoes, because last week his shoe broke...

We then began our rough drafts for our letters to Santa. This week we will finish our letters.
 To get our winter writing unit click HERE


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